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Windsor-Essex County
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Whether you're a small business or commercial property owner, a contractor, or a large development corporation, we can tailor our services to fit your needs.

During construction, its important to make sure your sealants are installed properly the first time, as this will save many headaches down the road and provide the highest level of protection possible, as well as an aesthetically pleasing finish that will hide many imperfections in other materials and finishes.

Over time, sealants naturally degrade, buildings shift and settle, and often, the initial sealant applied is inadequate or inappropriate for the application. If you are a property or business owner, you are best served to take note of the state of your sealants, and call us before its too late. Water penetration is likely the most costly and insidious type of damage a property can sustain, and the cost of doing nothing about failing sealants is far, far higher than addressing the situation as soon as possible.

No matter your size or situation, we can work together with you to identify problems and provide solutions that fit your needs and budget.
Some of the jobs we've completed in the past:
  • The Walker Power Building
  • Belle River District High School
  • Greenwood Plaza
  • Leamington Hospital
  • Centerline Manufacturing
  • Thames Lea Plaza - Chatham
  • Chatham Target
  • Home Depot - Windsor
  • John McGivney Children's Center
  • Mastronardi Produce - Kingsville
  • Olivia DiMaio daycare
  • Antonino's PIzza 
  • Autoliv - Tilbury
  • Reko Manufacturing