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Quotes When we first contacted Caulk and Seal to inquire about their services, we noticed a window had been leaking. Only a little, but enough to rust some nails and show water marks below the window. The old caulking on our home had been patched over the years, but was still splitting and weathered. We were impressed with the proposal and went ahead with a complete removal and replacement of the old caulking around all the windows and doors. To say the least, we really appreciated the workmanship. Caulk and Seal painstakingly removed all of the old caulking and replaced it with a high quality product that will far outlast the original. They also took the time to properly tool the new caulking into the mortar joints between each brick. Air leaks, water damage, rot, mould and pests can all add to home ownership costs. Repairing and/or replacing old weathered caulking is a small investment with big benefits and I would not hesitate to highly recommend Caulk and Seal's services. Quotes
John Revell

Quotes We built our home 21 years ago and recently noticed that the seals around the exterior frames were coming away from the window. We had a technician from Caulk and Seal come to investigate. He suggested reglazing or resealing around the window and the frame and then recaulk the whole window. We took his advise and we also had Caulk and Seal recaulk around all of our exterior doors. We are more than satisfied with the professional job that was completed on time and with great respect for our home as well. We would definately recommend Caulk and Seal to anyone who wants their home to last and look like they just had brand new windows installed. Quotes
Greg and Lisa Cavers
Very Satisfied Customers

Quotes My wife and I have had problems with ants that were out of control. After spending hundreds of dollars with pest controls, nothing worked . Two years ago we had new windows and door installed. The contractor didn't do a very good job caulking. A friend of mine recommended Caulk And Seal. When they arrived they looked over the problem, they were very aware of the ant problem we were having as well. They recommended caulking some other strategic locations on the house and around the house and what do you know... NO MORE ANT PROBLEMS.. Caulk And Seal really do SEAL out your troubles. My wife and I would highly recommend them.........ALLAN REID. Quotes
Allan Reid
Home owner