Driveway and Patio Joints Driveway and Patio Joints Proper prep is key! Horizontal concrete joints MUST be prepped properly to receive sealant. After removing all debris, we clean the bonding edge of the concrete with a diamond-wheel grinder. This ensures that the sealant is adhering to a sound surface. 206418008 Finished driveway Clean, crisp joints will last for years, because they were prepped properly and a high quality commercial product was used. 206418009 Prep first We totally remove the old caulking and clean the bonding surfaces with a diamond wheel before removing all dust and installing backer rod to the correct depth before applying commercial grade concrete sealant. 206418010 Removal Complete removal of all existing caulking and debris is a critical part of preparation - going over it is not a long-term solution and will be a waste of time and money. 206418011 Finished driveway joints Clean, tooled, slightly recessed joints will allow for movement and keep water, weeds, and bugs out. The sealant looks bright when applied, but will quickly be the same colour as the concrete. 206418012